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    Transportation (Optional)

  1. Bus fees will have to be remitted along with the tuition fees.
  2. The school does not entertain any change in the bus route to suit the individual’s convenience.
  3. Bus facility cannot be withdrawn in the month of May, June and December to Feb.
  4. Bus facility will be charged for the whole academic session.
  5. Students are expected to be on the right side of their bus stops along with escorting person at least five minutes before the arrival of the bus.
  6. Buses will not wait for the late comers.
  7. The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stop only, unless, directed by the transport in charge.
  8. Objects of any kind must not be thrown inside or outside the bus.
  9. Commuters are not allowed to change school buses or go by other means of transport without written permission from the Principal.
  10. The driver’s attention must not be diverted for any reason. If any such case comes to notice bus facility may be cancelled.
  11. In disciplinary behaviour is strictly prohibited. In such case Bus service will be withdrawn immediately without prior intimation. Admission fees are nonrefundable.
  12. Students will be held responsible for any damage to buses caused by negligence or vandalism and fined accordingly.
  13. Parents of such students, who are availing bus facility will be fully responsible for any mishappening incidents/accidents during the journey performed from residence to School & back to home from School. Management will not be responsible in any case.
  14. To have Bus identity card is compulsory.
  15. The Parents should ensure that transportation of their wards to and from the school is comfortable and small kids of Nursery to class XI are properly escorted, boarded and received personally at the bus stop.
  16. A responsible person from the school is on duty in every vehicle with a mobile phone to keep connectivity with the school office. Please note down the telephone numbers of the respective bus in-charge, from the school office.
  17. Parents are requested not to enter the bus and disrupt the functioning of the transport. All the problems related to bus will be strictly sorted out by the school authorities only. Parent’s involvement is strictly prohibited.
  18. Parents are requested to ensure that the student is escorted to and from the bus stop. The escort must be at the stop 5 to 10 mins before the arrival of the bus.
  19. Eating in the buses or littering is not permitted.
  20. A suggestion book is placed in all school vehicles. This can be used by parents for lodging any suggestion/complaint, as and when required. Such exercise will provide us the necessary inputs to upgrade the existing system.


  1. GPRS & Camera are installed in all the buses. Parents can use this facility.