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Secondary School (Classes IX & X)

Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Multi-dimensional holistic learning:
We trust that learning ought to be all-encompassing with the goal that it improves the educational capacities, expository and critical thinking aptitudes in the understudies. All endeavours are made toward this path.

Projects and Academic Activities:
The encouraging modules will incorporate a scholastic movement after each exercise, similar to pretends, aggregate exchange, paper introduction, discuss the review and so forth to reinforce their calculated comprehension. 

Examinations & Evaluation:
To lessen the weight on the understudies, students are given regular tests to better understand the course material. Having only one exam at the end of the year only tests the students’ memory and not their ability to understand the material. We believe that by giving a weekly test, the subject matter is understood by the children much better and prepares them for higher studies.

Computer Education:
In this modern age, computers are more essential than most things. Learning to properly understand and safely take part in the modern IT space is incredibly important. We train our teachers to teach the children to take the power of computers and create a better world and to use them safely because the future is digital.

Communication & Soft Skills:
The students will be presented to a few projects to build up these abilities. Asset people and specialists in the field are counselled and consulted with, for direction.

Project Presentation:
It is a novel method for learning, as kids research and presents their activities on the given subjects.