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Mr. Ajijibabu Toleti

Chairman’s Message:

I strongly believe that education, in its true form supports students to explore and question the world around them. It promotes critical thinking, advocates social justice and encourages learners to apply their learning to the real-world issues. A child’s learning, thinking and actions are integral to the achievement of a secure and sustainable global future. Considering this great importance of global citizenship, we ensure that all our students are provided with the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable lifestyle, human rights, and gender equality, promotion of culture and peace and non-violence and appreciation of global diversity. Being a global citizen means one can empathizes and put themselves and other peoples shoes have similar dreams and want everyone to be equal. At DPS Amalapuram, we strive to give shape to the above vision with the help of a dedicated team of leaders, administrators, academic planners and competent teachers who are trying their best to fulfill the aspirations of those who have admitted their children with dreams in their eyes.

Mr. Manu Vihaar Nandyala

Director’s Message:

I believe and strive to shape in our school a student-centered learning environment, encouraging a high degree of student engagement by making learning joyful, challenging, and engaging. As learning should be based on doing things and not merely knowing things, we focus on skills and practices that enable life-long learning and independent problem-solving. We put students’ interests first, acknowledging the student voice as central to the learning experience and go to great lengths to ensure everyone is included and has the opportunity to excel. We integrate modern education, which teaches the skills required today that is skills of language, science & technology, and medical sciences, with the goodness of traditional education like punctuality, extra circular activities, and social interactions. We invite prospective students and parents to visit and view our facilities, meet our teachers and experience our DPS Amalapuram family experience.