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Dear parents,

We sincerely hope that you are safe and staying at home.

Our management of DPS, Amalapuram has come up with a series of online competitions for all age groups to engage and encourage during Lockdown. Parents are requested to motivate and support their kids for the same.

  • Interested parents can enroll their kid’s name, class, phone number by sending message through WhatsApp or phone call to the numbers give below on or before 8th June, 2020 Monday.
  • The Student can enroll their names for any Two Competitions [1 – allotted class wise and 2 – from General] given in the list.
  • Further details like (Duration, Description, Topic…) will be sent to the interested student based on their selection of competition. Parents have to record video of your child performance and send it through WhatsApp after receiving information from the school.

List of Competitions

Classes Competitions Contact No’s for Enrollment
I Music, Fancy dress, Solo Dance, Rhyme recitation [English/Hindi/ Telugu], Show and Tell, Best childhood photograph. 8106823927
II & III Singing [Sloka/ song], Fancy dress, Solo Dance, Storytelling [Telugu/ Hindi/ English], Poem recitation, Show and Tell, Drawing. 7702573824
IV & V Singing [Sloka/ song], Fancy dress, Solo Dance [Western/ Classical / Folk], Storytelling [Telugu/ Hindi/ English], Best out of Waste craft/Origami (paper craft), Cooking without fire, Drawing. 7032487146
VI to IX Solo Dance [Western/ Classical / Folk], Singing [Sloka/ song], Instrument, Story writing, My own poem, Drawing, Interview, Elocution, Cooking without fire, Story narration [Telugu/ Hindi/ English], Best out of Waste craft/Origami (papercraft). 8919801687

(for all students)

Best Living room / Kitchen decoration, Best helping Child, Best parent-child coordination, Best Garden, Best creative work, Funny image of the child, A Great Exhibition at home, Unlock your hidden talent, News Reading, Perform an Ad [Advertisement]. Grd I ….. 8106823927

Grd II & III …..7702573824

Grd IV & V….7032487146

Grd VI to IX ….8919801687

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Consolation winners will be awarded once school reopens.

In case you have any query, please feel free to contact on Mob. No. 9790151277.

DPS Management