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Dear parents,

Thank you so much for your endless trust in us. Hope by this time most of our students must have downloaded Cisco Webex Meet Link for online sessions. Today we were able to meet most of our students through interactive sessions and we shall have one more session of interaction tomorrow to ensure the maximum presence of our students. If you have faced any kind of inconvenience during the online sessions please feel free to inform our Teacher Trainee Staff.

The timing for tomorrow (02/07/2020) session is as follows:-

Grade 6 to 9 (State) : 9:00 to 9:30 am.

Grade 1 : 12 to 12:30 pm

Grade 2 :  1  to 1:30 pm

Grade 3:  2 to 2:30 pm

Grade 4 :  3 to 3 :30 pm

Grade 5:  4 to 4: 30 pm

We are trying to provide maximum benefit to our students through online and offline sessions. Expecting your kind support and cooperation.

DPS Management