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Dear Parents,

It is a great pleasure to see Nursery children all settled in their class and ready for some fun learning! Students of Nursery are going to celebrate “RED DAY” on Monday 16th Sept 2019.

Red symbolizes enthusiasm, love, compassion, life and vitality. In order to infuse the concept of Red colour in the KIDDY CLOUDS, teachers have planned various activities and games on the same day. You are requested to send your child in RED dress (Girls: red clips, shoes, headbands, hair bands Boys: Shoes, Watch etc… It’s not compulsory) with red colour fruit in snacks box, any red colour object or a toy for show and tell activity. If you have any query, please do contact us on 9790151277.

Note: Tomorrow 14/09/2019 is a holiday on account of Second Saturday. The school will work as usual from Monday 16th Sep 2019.

DPS Management