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Dear Parents,

Happiness is in the air. Long-awaited summer holidays are again ready to welcome you with their warm showers!

Life needs to be balanced between fun and work. Summer Holidays give a chance for students to relax. During holidays, leisure replaces work as a priority. You are filled with the enthusiasm to explore, travel, and learn. Besides relaxing the students should keep in mind the execution of the assigned work in a well-planned manner. Motivate your wards to read books that improve their knowledge and lead their minds to grow in an effective manner.

The summer holidays will be from 30 April 2019 – 5 June 2019. The school will re-open on 6 June 2019 at the usual timings. 29 April 2019 is the last working day for all classes.

Holiday HW will be given to the students in the class. Students must complete their holiday homework and submit it by 6 June 2019 positively. We wish to see your child after the summer break with a broader outlook and a positive attitude.

With good wishes,
DPS Management