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Attendance & Regularity

 All students must be present on the re-opening day and closing day of each term.
 The names of the students who are absent on these days will be struck off the rolls and the parents will have to seek re- admission for their children if they want them to continue in the school.
 The principal must be informed in writing when the student returns to school after being absent even for a single day.
 The parents must state the reason for her/ his absence in the absence record of the school dairy. Such students who are absent for three days or more without intimation will have their names struck off the rolls and may not be re- admitted.
 Students who are ill on the day of exam are advised to come to school only if they can stay for the entire duration of the morning or the afternoon session.
 Once the students are in school they are required to stay for the full length of the school day.
 Students are not permitted to arrive or leave in between morning/ afternoon sessions. In case of any emergency, parents are required to call up the school and inform the absence of their child and follow it up with a written leave letter.